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Conference Committee 2020


The Conference Committee shall plan and oversee the annual conference and other educational forums. The Conference Committee membership will be responsible for the following:

  • Coordinate conference hospitality, social events, and activities;
  • Gather materials to be included in conference bags from the conference site's local Tourism Board, Visitor's Centers and/or Chambers of Commerce;
  • Gather information to publish a conference site Resource Guide to be posted on the MAACM web site, included in conference bags, and placed at registration desk;
  • Assist Committee Coordinators with designated responsibilities and tasks, as needed;
  • Assist at conferences to ensure all areas of responsibilities are accomplished;
  • Research and make suggestions to the President for gift ideas (Board, Advisory Board, Standing and Special Assignments), upon President's approval, place order;
  • Assist President with presenting Board gifts at the annual meeting;
  • Develop mid-year and annual conference registration forms and hotel reservation forms and forward to Website Coordinator for posting;
  • Work with Communications Committee, Audio/Visual/IT Coordinator, and/or other independent vendor, to arrange for conference signage;
  • Develop an Activities Sheet for the annual conference to post and distribute at registration desk;
  • Obtain from Treasurer, list of annual conference attendees;
  • Assist President with Close of Conference Grand Prize Drawings; and
  • Tabulate overall conference evaluations and present to the Board at the December meeting.

The following delineates responsibilities of the Conference Committee Coordinators:

Workshop Coordinator:

  • Serve as a liaison to the Professional Development Committee;
  • Forward Initial Speaker Information Forms to the Professional Development Committee and set deadline for return of completed forms to formalize Faculty Commitment forms for the mid-year and annual conferences;
  • Prepare Faculty Confirmation and Commitment forms and mail by agreed upon deadline;
  • Coordinate receipt of all completed and signed Faculty Confirmation and Commitment forms from presenters and forward copies of same to the Treasurer prior to the mid-year and annual conferences;
  • Compile presenters' biographies and workshop descriptions, taking note of any changes to the description, time and/or date. Notify PDC of any changes;
  • Coordinate all presenter arrangements for the mid-year and annual conferences and prepare a Conference Grid compiling: contact information, workshop title, assigned room, date(s), time(s), A/V needs, hotel requirements, handout status, etc. to be distributed to the Conference and Communications Chairs as well as A/V Subcommittee Coordinator;
  • Arrange for duplication of presenters' handouts for those speakers that request this option for the mid-year and annual conferences;
  • Work with Communications Committee, Audio/Visual Subcommittee, to ensure that all audiovisual needs are met for the mid-year and annual conferences;
  • Work with the Professional Development Committee, assist in editing and preparing speaker biographies, following existing template, and forward to Conference Publications Coordinator for Conference Program Book;
  • Work with the Professional Development Committee to prepare the educational program, following existing template, and forward to Conference Publications Coordinator for Conference Program Book;
  • Submit list of speakers attending conference to Treasurer for preparation of conference name badges;
  • Staff and/or develop a schedule for Speaker Registration Desk coverage;
  • Maintain contact with all speakers and facilitate speaker assistance at the mid-year and annual conferences; and
  • Print and furnish conference name badges for all presenters.

Conference Publications Coordinator:

  • Gather and update all materials necessary to create and publish an Annual Conference Program Book and Schedule-at-a-Glance working with Professional Development Committee, Workshop Coordinator, Vendor Coordinator, Communications Committee, President, and the Board;
  • Research printers located near conference site and obtain three bids for publishing and delivery of the required amount of Conference Program Books and Schedule-at-a-Glance. Bid information to be presented to the Board for approval;
  • Create documents, following existing templates, to publish the Conference Program Book, including: Mission/Vision; Contents; Welcome Letter from the President; Board of Directors, etc. section; Board Bios; Special Acknowledgements; Committee Chair Reports; Facilities Floor Plan; Educational Program; Speaker Bios; Business Meeting Agenda; Minutes of Board Meetings; John Neufeld Award; Report of Nominations Committee; Vendors and Sponsored Items/Events; Conference Participant List, and Notes;
  • Design a cover for the Annual Conference Program Book and Schedule-at-a-Glance working with the Communications Committee, The Beacon subcommittee; and
  • Convert all materials into PDF format in order to be printed.

The Chair of the Conference Committee will have oversight of the following:

  • Oversee and coordinate the work of all subcommittee coordinators to ensure established timelines are met;
  • Work with the President to coordinate all conference site arrangements, including overflow facilities;
  • Establish and maintain the Conference Master Account with the conference facility;
  • Coordinate with the Workshop Coordinator to make hotel accommodations for presenters;
  • Work with the President to coordinate food service activities that include menu selection and head counts;
  • Work with the President to finalize the Banquet Event Order (BEO);
  • Submit articles on the committee's accomplishments for the spring, summer and winter issues of The Beacon; 
  • Gather reports from subcommittee coordinators and incorporate into one Conference Committee report for submittal to the board prior to Board meetings;
  • Review and update the Meeting Specifications and Request For Proposal to provide to MAACM Board of Directors/Officers, and;
  • Review and update the Conference Master Checklist of responsibilities.