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Mid-Atlantic Association for Court Management


Holding its first conference in 1993 jointly with the National Association for Court Management (NACM) in Baltimore, MAACM has held annual conferences every October in locations convenient to its membership. These locations have included sites such as: Dewey Beach and Dover, Delaware; Lancaster, Split Rock Resort, Hershey, Lake Harmony, Seven Springs Mountain Resort, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Atlantic City, Cape May, Cherry Hill, and Long Branch, New Jersey; Virginia Beach and Williamsburg, Virginia; and Ocean City, Cambridge, and Baltimore, Maryland.

Because MAACM is a not-for-profit organization and has maintained its dues and conference fees at affordable levels, many court personnel can participate and take advantage of these very worthwhile educational programs. 

MAACM now boasts a membership of over 700 court professionals and more than 400 people attend its annual conference.
MAACM first logo
Presidents of MAACM
 Marianne Kennedy  Delaware  2020
 Joy Keller  Maryland  2019
 Don Heagy  Pennsylvania  2018
 Stephanie B. Marion  Virginia  2017
 David B. Seeman  Maryland  2016
 Donna L. Mazzanti  New Jersey  2015
 Vicky Bartholomew  Pennsylvania  2014
 Elizabeth Domingo  New Jersey  2013
 Glenda Guzinski  Maryland  2012
 Caroline Kirkpatrick  Virginia  2011
 Kevin A. Cross  Pennsylvania  2010
 Richard P. Abbott, Esq.  Maryland  2009
 Howard H. Berchtold, Jr  New Jersey  2008
 Myrtle A. Thomas  Delaware  2007
 Richard J. Pierce  Pennsylvania  2006
 Pamela Q. Harris  Maryland  2005
 Jude Del Preore  New Jersey  2004
 Roberta S. Webb  Pennsylvania  2003
 Peter J. Lally  Maryland  2002
 Anne Stygles  Washington, DC  2001
 Richard Callanan  New Jersey  2000
 Nancy L. Lake  Virginia  1999
 Paul Kuntz  Pennsylvania  1998
 Marlene Davis  Washington, DC  1997
 Charles E. McCaffery  New Jersey  1996
 Thomas J. Ralston  Delaware  1995
 Suzanne H. James  Maryland 1993-1994