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About the Award


In 1999, the Officers and Board of Directors established an award to be presented annually in John Neufeld’s memory. John served as the Chief of Education and Training for the New Jersey Judiciary for 15 years, as well as the Education Program Coordinator for MAACM from 1996 to 1999. John passed away in 1999. John helped us focus on the real issues confronting court managers. He demonstrated how MAACM could influence its members to tackle issues armed with the required knowledge, skills and abilities. This award captures the essence of John’s creed.

The award is intended to recognize an individual or a group of individuals who develop or implement a significant or unique educational program or court management system in the Mid-Atlantic region during the past three years. In order to qualify for consideration, the program or system should have:

  • improved the leadership, customer service, access, productivity and communications skills of the organization;
  • improved the competencies, skills and knowledge of the members of the organization; and/or
  • created a greater sense of teamwork in the organization;
  • provided all members of the organization with a greater understanding and appreciation of the mission of the organization;
  • proven to be innovative and creative while utilizing the most current technologies 
If you believe you know of such a program or system that was developed or implemented in the past three years and would like to nominate the person or persons responsible for it, please submit a nomination. All nominations should outline the particular program and explain why this program should be considered for the award.


The Maryland Judiciary created an electronic recording system for the title industry used to submit land record transactions.  The new system allows faster processing, with increased accuracy and guaranteed payment for the processing offices, which include towns and cities, county finance offices and circuit courts.  This new option is offered to replace the tedious paper process, foot traffic in the offices, time-consuming rejections, bad checks, and more.  Barbara Hansman, Judicial Information Systems, and Julie Ensor, Clerk of the Court for Baltimore County, accepted the award on behalf of the Maryland Judiciary. Congratulations to the Maryland Judiciary, winner of the 2017 John Neufeld Award.

Past Neufeld Award Winners


Nominations must be submitted by a MAACM member to the Past President of MAACM no later than August 1, 2018.

Nominations must be submitted in writing outlining the program and explaining the reasons the program/system should be recognized for the award.

One award will be presented during the Annual Conference.

Send Nominations by August 1, 2018 to:

Past President

FMS Court Analyst

Department of Judicial Services

Office of the Executive Secretary

Supreme Court of Virginia

mailImmediate Past President


Shall consist of the former Presidents of MAACM.
Selection Committee will consider all nominations and make a selection no later than 30 days prior to the annual conference.


The John Neufeld Award will be presented at the annual MAACM conference at a time to be determined by the current President.

A plaque will be awarded to an individual, group or senior manager of the court selected.